Play Connect Four

I started this website years ago, initially written in PHP to give myself some practice with writing a chat system and multiple users interacting. Connect Four is a fairly simple game, but one I also loved playing when I was younger. The plan was to write an interface which allowed for setting up a game just as easy as in person, even if not as fun as sliding that bottom bar to clear the board.

Eventually the PHP code was just too outdated, slow, and the bug fixes were piling up. I decided to rewrite the whole system in NodeJS with Socket.IO. Great way to dive into a new programming language. Writing it using websockets made the moves and chat nearly instant, and sending it over a websocket meant there was no need for a database/file system for the chat. Really cool stuff.

Long backstory short, this was made to be as easy as possible to start a game. If you like it, donations are very much appreciated. I plan on adding features eventually.